meJonathan started Trinham Technologies because he has a pasion for IT/ICT, and he wanted to provide an honest and affordable IT support that prides it's self in customer service. Jonathan feels that good quality, old fashion, customer service is something that is lacking in the I.T. industry to day. It is for this reason that customer service is the primary focus of Trinham Technologies. Trinham Technologies won't just adress the problem at hand, but will go out of its way to make sure have the best possible setup.

Jonathan graduated the Aoraki Polytechnic's CACS (Certificate in Applied Computing Skills) course at the end of 2010. He graduated form the CACS course with Level 3 and Level 4 certificates of NZQA.
During this time Jonathan gained a wide rang of valuable skills and experience. Some of those skill were vital starting block from which he has been expanding on since he gruaduated.


Certificate in Computing (Level 3 NZQA) cert2


Certificate in Applied Computing Skills (Level 4 NZQA) cert1



Jonathan has also continued to further his skills in as many areas as possible. He is very skilled with MS Windows XP/Vista/7 as well as the Linux Operating Systmes. He has also found himself becoming more and more familiar with Mac OSX system and other Apple products.

Jonathan has assisted Timaru Web Hosting in migrating there server from a MS Windows sever to Linux (CentOS) server. This was done remotely via ssh and the use of skype calls. The migration was a success and both Jonathan and Timaru Web Hosting are pleased with the results. Trinham Technologies continues to work with Timaru Web Hosting to help each other provide the best level of service that they possibly can.

Trinham Technologies is a small locally based IT company, currently based in the Nobby/Clifton area of Queensland Australia. Working from home in Nobby, Jonathan will attend call outs as far as Toowoomba and Warrick. Jonathan started his business with the idea of service going to the customer, as opposed to the customer always having to find time to take there computer down to a store in town. Service to your door. Trinham Technologies will pick up and deliver your computer.

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Trinham Technologies began doing Sign Writing in 2013 under the direction and guidance of Jonathan's Uncle from TAC Signs in Bethenia. Trinham Technologies can now provide quality long lasting vinyl cut signs. While this is still a relatively new and small line of business for Trinham Technologies, Jonathan hopes to be able to to expand on it and have it a major component to his business.

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