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This is an issue that I feel quite passionate about as it seems to be a growing concern. I was quite surprised at the number of people receiving phone calls from some stranger (usually Indian in ethnicity) telling them that there computer is infected. What I found even more surprising and a little upsetting was the amount of people that are getting tricked in to paying these people money. Because of this I make it my job to warn and educate people in this scam to try and prevent others falling victim to it.

That is why I'm sharing the following video by Carey Holzman, an experienced computer technician in the USA. He does a good job of showing how theses people operate, what to watch for and the sort of questions you should ask if you find yourself on the phone with one of these dirty scamers.

My Plea

There are a couple of things that I would like to emphasis on this topic. There are some things that people should keep in mind.

First of all, you should never for any reason let one of these scam artists in to your computer. Carey Holzman, has only let this happen on a specially designated setup. Letting one of these stupid criminals into your own computer could result in a disaster, they could delete important files, infect or crash your computer, or even steal financial data.

And under no circumstances should you ever hand over your credit card details, and if you have follow the advice of Carey Holzman and contact your bank immediately.

My Advice and Experience

These scams also extends as far as them claiming that they ringing on behalf of your home phone provider and that they are going to discount your account. I have also experienced this one as well as the tech support call. Here is my advice for the calls regarding your phone provider, also applies to any such calls.

The number one thing you can do is hang up. It ends the call quickly and efficiently. If you want to know for sure, then question everything that they have to say. Ask enough questions and you will eventually catch them out.
I once received a phone call from someone claiming to be ring on behalf of my provider, Telstra. They're hook line was something along the lines of;

"Your account has been randomly selected to be discounted."

By this point I was already thinking that this call was not the usual type of call that I would expect from Telstra. I suspicions were confirmed when the started asking for my account details. To which I responded with;

"If I was randomly selected by my account details. Why do you need me to give you my details? Wouldn't you have them there in front of you?"

At this point they became quite flustered and started talking around in circles. Once I had confirmed that they had nothing to do with Telstra I told them to get lost, and hung up. I then contacted Telstra and informed them of the call.


Be cautious of calls from strangers in a foreign accent. Don't let them fool you in to anything. Please warn others and spread the word of these scams.


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