Jonathan Trinham endeavors to cover wide range of the Computing/I.T. industry. Jonathan Trinham currently offers the following services. Some of the services are available globally regardless of location.

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  • Backups Often the most important stuff on your computer is you personal data. Or if your running a business, you can't afford to loose your data. Be it photos, home video, personal writings, or business information, Jonathan understands these things are often irreplaceable. This is why Jonathan is passionate about backups and making sure that people have their data backed up.
  • Data Recovery Unfortunately we sometimes loose those valuable photo's or that important document. And you can guarantee that it's the one thing that's not backed up. Or it happens between backups. This is some thing that Jonathan has experienced personally. Jonathan can help you recover those files you thought were lost for good.
  • Custom PC's Whether is for business, family or gaming, Jonathan can help you build a system that meets your needs.
  • Virus/Malware Removal Every now and then something nasty manages to sneak it's way into your system, and often they can prove to be quite difficult to remove. Sometime you don't even know it's there until you've lost control of your system. Jonathan can remove these nasty bugs from your system and help protect it from future infections.
  • Training Not everyone is good with computers and some "don't even know the first thing when it comes to computer". If you feel that you would like extra couching on how to use you computer then don't hesitate to contact Jonathan today.
  • MS Windows Upgrades Still running XP? Vista? Thinking about upgrading? Then get in touch with Jonathan to find out your best options.
  • Alternative Operating Systems Did you know that MS Windows is not you only option? And no this does not mean Apple Mac's either. There are other operating systems out there that are completely free.
  • Small Network Set-ups Whether it's the home or office, Trinham Technologies can help get your network up and running with all of your devices connected as needed.
  • Home Wireless Security If you have a wireless router then it is important that you make sure it is secure. Inscure wireless can result in people stealing your internet data and much worse. Trinham Technologies will help ensure that are protected against most threats.
  • Sign Writing Trinham Technologies produces vinyl cut signs. These can be produced in a variety of colour, shapes and sizes. contact Jonathan today for more information.
  • Web Design Simple yet effective web sites for very affordable rates. Perfect for small business, clubs, organisations, or even if your just looking to start your own blog site. Hosting packages can be included.
  • Remote Support If you live out of a reasonable distance from Trinham Techonlogies, or you find it hard to be available when Jonathan is able to visit, or if you need urgent after hours help. It may be possible for Jonathan to help you remotely.

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